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The lightweight slate honeycomb panels from Pacific Bedrock are really the best of all worlds, combining the beauty, style and classic look of natural slate or other stone with a unique, high quality backing panel made from honeycombed aluminum or fiberglass. This works to create a panel that weighs about 80% less than solid stone and is also much better able to withstand weather, installation, transport and other issues without cracking or being damaged. The design of our lightweight slate honeycomb panels makes them perfect for basically any and all applications where you desire the look of real stone, but don’t want to struggle with the other problems that come along with it—from interior and exterior walls, floors, ceilings and soffits to pools, showers, countertops and much more.

Advantages of Using Lightweight Slate Honeycomb Panels

By giving you the look of natural slate with the incredible space age strength of the honeycomb backing panel, you get a stone product that far outperforms all others and had the durability to even withstand hurricanes or earthquakes due to its incredible shear strength and flexibility. While solid stone is incredibly heavy, making it tough to install, these lightweight panels can be installed with much less time and effort, even at heights or installing overhead.

Technical Information

Our lightweight slate honeycomb panels start off with a real piece of stone veneer about 3-5mm in thickness, which is then adhered using ultra strong glue applied with high temperature and pressure to an aluminum honeycomb panel that is resistant to impact, flexible and able to withstand almost anything nature could throw at it. It is water, rust and fire resistant and can help reduce energy costs due to its insulating qualities.

High Quality, Custom Stone Panels from Pacific Bedrock

We can handle jobs of all sizes at our high tech manufacturing facility and custom build pieces to our client’s exact requirements. Our team of engineers will draft conceptual designs so you can make sure the finished product will be exactly as required and we are always flexible and will work with you to make any changes necessary. Pacific Bedrock’s skilled technicians pride themselves on handling multiple large projects at one time and can always meet your needs with the best possible results. We also offer better rates on larger orders, giving you even more value for your money. Our lightweight slate honeycomb panels can add a beautiful look and feel to any construction project, and Pacific Bedrock is here waiting to give it to you so just contact us.

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