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Using stone facades can create a stunning look on offices, retail shops, homes and virtually any other residential or commercial building project. Architects, designers and building owners all love the look and feel that only natural stone can provide, but masons and builders know all about the hassles and headaches that come along with using heavy stones. This is especially true on taller structures, but these problems can be totally eliminated with our exterior cladding aluminum honeycomb panels.

Technical Information on Exterior Cladding Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

The thing that sets Pacific Bedrock’s exterior cladding aluminum honeycomb panels apart from solid stone is their weight. By replacing most of the solid stone material with lightweight aluminum foil and alloys. This makes these products more environmentally friendly as they use much less material, while their light weight also means there’s no need for extra reinforcement. Plus, the aluminum honeycomb layer also helps make these panels much better at insulating than stone by itself.

Still, you won’t have to sacrifice on the look and feel, as you’ll be getting beautiful, polished natural stone on these exterior cladding aluminum honeycomb panels. That is because Pacific Bedrock selects from the finest actual stones, choosing them based on color, pattern and aesthetic appeal, and then uses an incredibly thin piece of stone veneer to achieve the same look without all of the extra, unnecessary weight.

Benefits of Using Exterior Cladding Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

By being so light and easy to handle, these unique exterior cladding panels allow you to achieve the stone look anywhere you could want. Installation is incredibly quick and easy, especially if you follow the detailed instructions that we always include. Whereas solid stone can be incredibly difficult and even dangerous to use high up on a building, these lightweight panels can and are used to cover everything from single story homes to sky rise buildings. You can even hang them overhead on soffits without much effort, and best of all, you can be sure the panels won’t fall down and injure someone if installed properly, as there is very little total weight that needs to be carried to hold them up.

Pacific Bedrock is one of the world’s leaders in aluminum honeycomb panels, and we design and create all of our various lightweight stone panel systems in our high tech facility in China. We can cut your pieces to size and provide a finished product that both looks better and is far more functional than anything else you’re likely to find. So get in touch with us if you’re looking for a special stone cladding system that is easy to use and made to last.

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