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Pacific Bedrock is an industry leader in everything stone, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of a huge variety of granite, marble and other stone products that are perfect for any number of residential and commercial uses. In addition to lightweight stone panels, countertops, and slabs, we also are an expert in more decorative and ornamental types of stone work and our beautiful columns made of marble, granite, and other stones are amongst the best money can buy.

We can provide both decorative and structural stone columns, as well as an innovative column cladding system with our flat or curved lightweight stone panel systems. Loved by architects, designers, and business or homeowners alike, stone columns add a beautiful classic touch to any construction product. Pacific Bedrock hand selects only the finest stones available to create all of our products, so you’re guaranteed to get a product that’s both beautiful and passes the strictest quality control standards.

Benefits of Using Pacific Bedrock Stone Columns

Our stunning decorative natural stone products are available in a wide variety of shades and colors of beautiful granite, marble and other stones, giving you the ability to find the perfect fit for any design and exactly what you’re looking for. We offer a huge range of sizes, styles, shapes and designs, from simple, classic columns to beautifully intricate decorate carvings.

As we only use the finest, hand selected stones when creating all of our products, you can be guaranteed that they will last. Not only that, but our natural stone columns are also :

Product Applications

Having real stone columns can add an unbelievably special, rich touch to any construction project. Whether you’re looking to use them indoors or for exterior purposes, Pacific Bedrock can help add a unique look and feel with our stunning natural stone. Many people try to achieve the same thing with fake stone, but most are never completely satisfied with the end result, as there is simply nothing that can match the look of real stone.

As a worldwide leader in the industry, Pacific Bedrock has gained the recognition of our peers and customers alike for providing superior quality stone products at affordable prices. If you’re considering using stone in your next construction project, why not contact us today to understand the difference choosing Pacific Bedrock can make.

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