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High grade aluminum makes a great building material due its fairly low cost and lightweight nature, plus the fact that it is actually quite strong for such a lightweight material and able to resist weather and the elements. However, you can easily increase the strength of aluminum by folding pieces of it into a hollow, honeycomb pattern, which is exactly what we’ve done with our aluminum honeycomb perforated ceiling panels. These light ceiling panels are thin enough to fit in the tightest ceiling grids without bending or being damaged in any way.

Product Details

Pacific Bedrock’s aluminum honeycomb perforated ceiling panels are designed to allow optimal airflow through the perforations, making them an outstanding choice for air vents, return air grids and the like. Sandwiched in between two solid pieces of sheet aluminum is the honeycomb structure that provides the strength to these panels despite the many holes going straight through it. In fact, the holes are large and numerous enough to make our aluminum honeycomb perforated ceiling panels suitable for use as dimming mechanisms for hallway or office security lights.

Advantages of Our Aluminum Honeycomb Perforated Ceiling Panels

Pacific Bedrock’s lightweight ceiling panels not only look great and are made to last, but they also provide many additional benefits over your traditional panels, including -

Why Pacific Bedrock

At Pacific Bedrock, we take all of your needs to heart before beginning production and our team of professionals will handle your project with the utmost care, while still always delivering the finished products on time. Our high tech facility makes us able to take care of any size job and we can custom cut your aluminum honeycomb perforated ceiling panels to be nearly any dimensions you could need.

Our ceiling panels are also quite affordable and we do offer special rates on larger orders. We understand the fantastic uses of aluminum and know how to put it to its best purposes to give you the highest quality, custom manufactured products available. As one of the leaders in aluminum honeycomb technology, Pacific Bedrock has the skills, tools and experience to get the job done right, and a reputation for excellence and customer service to back it up. If you need lightweight stone panels, countertops, flooring, or ceiling panels, call us to see just what we can offer you.

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